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Runway 25 Steak Lounge

Timbers Restaurant Valhalla Inn

About Timbers


This is a steak town.  We've been searing meat over flame in this area since the fur trading days.  Generations of steak-searing skill have gone into the development of Thunder Bay's first Steak Lounge -   the traditional steak house re-imagined.  We're steak with an attitude.  Steak with a side of style.

Steak is the Little Black Dress of fine dining.  Versatile and authentic, it can be dressed up or dressed down, it's appropriate for any occasion and is recognized everywhere as a mark of discerning taste.  You can join us in jeans or a Little Black Dress of your own - your steak makes a fashion statement all by itself.

We do it right.  Your buttery beautiful steak will be cut to order from fresh Canadian AAA beef aged at least 21 days.  In the kitchen, while your choice cut sizzles over an open flame, our chefs will hover over the bubbling saucepan that's about to turn your perfect steak into a fashion legend.



The Chef 

Chef Herbert Kraus's distinguished career has led him from fine hotels in Austria and Switzerland, where he developed a passion for perfect flavour pairings, to Jamaica, where he learned the secrets of Caribbean spices and unbeatable tricks for cooking meat over an open flame.  

Chef Kraus joined the Valhalla team in 2002 and has been working on his menu for a "fashionable steakhouse" for years.  Seeing his long-time dream come to life has inspired Chef Kraus to new successes with sauce pairings and inventive dishes, a passion that is reflected in every item on the menu.