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Timbers Restaurant

Runway 25 Steak Lounge Valhalla Inn


Big breakfasts, fabulous lunches and delicious dinners - we've got it all, with three extensive menus and a reputation as one of Thunder Bay's oldest dining establishments.  Whether you're a hotel guest looking for a convenient bite to eat or a Thunder Bay resident looking for a great meal for your family, you'll find a warm welcome waiting for you at Timbers.

Through the day the wide windows offer a glorious view of the mountains south of the city and the opportunity to relax at a sun-drenched table.  Our staff like their jobs, and you can tell - they've been with us for years and their good-natured, speedy service will make your good meal even better.  Our breakfast and lunch menus are full of great variations and classic favourites and we update regularly to make sure there are some new surprises and old favourites awaiting you every time, emphasizing seasonal products from local farmers and the freshest ingredients available.

Check out the new burger menu - with specialty items like the Lava Burger, stuffed with local Thunder Oak Gouda cheese. 

In the evening, you can ease back into a comfy chair and enjoy some serious food.  This is a great place for casual appetizers and cocktails, and whether you're a comfort-seeker or an adventurer you'll have plenty to choose from among our mix of familiar dishes and new inventions.

Our menu is like our guests:  varied and interesting.  Valhalla Inn Executive Chef Herbert Kraus oversees its development to be sure it keeps its family-friendly character with each new addition, with an emphasis on value - we like big portions.